Super Mario Bros Rambo

Super Mario Bros Rambo 1.0

Mario has got a rifle! Your enemies better start running for their lives
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Super Mario Bros Rambo brings a new adventure with a unique characteristic, we have always imagined Mario jumping, running and doing the usual drill; but never imagined him shooting at everything that moves without any mercy with a rifle. That is something you must see with your own eyes to believe, but don't get too excited because the game still has a lot of missing features which will disappoint you if you're expecting something really special.

The weapon you wish to have can be selected at the game's start. The layout of the game is quite different from the usual; from a first person perspective we are able to see all of our enemy's moves, and by using the weapon's crosshair we can shoot from distance eliminating everything we see. But don't think our enemies will remain silent like sitting ducks waiting for their headshot. If they or anything they throw touches the ground it will be counted as one hit against you. Be quick and destroy everything before it reaches the ground.

The game's introduction is well animated despite having unpleasant graphics. Choose a right weapon because some of them have low speed and some others have low impact. The game could have been better, but, unfortunately, it turns monotonous after 20 minutes, making it very very boring. Plus the graphics are not too good and the action can be barely perceived due to a mess on the screen. In general, it's not a good game for somebody who is willing to have a nice time. It's good to kill curiosity only, nothing more.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Interesting concept
  • Very unique


  • Bad graphics and sound
  • Turns monotonous and boring very quickly
  • Not suitable for kids due to slight violence
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